Preventing Violent Extremism and Building Sustainable Peace through engaging Youth

PAIMAN believes that defeating extremism in all its forms is not something the state can do alone it needs help from everyone. Right from the involvement of communities, civil society groups, youth, media, corporate sector, religious scholars, other faith followers, women and men is of utmost importance. Responding to this PAIMAN empowers and engages youth, women and other members of communities to address issues of violent extremism using meta-narratives within the context of religion, culture and local ways of dialogue and mediations.

In Pakistan-with one of the world’s youngest populations, youth are the primary target for violent recruiters. This means the state and the civil society need to work in partnership to isolate the extremists, to prevent youth from becoming radicalized, to inculcate values of tolerance, accommodation and harmony in the minds of our children, to remove biases, to stop hate speech. PAIMAN advocates Countering/Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE) is a prerequisite for a stable Pakistan. PAIMAN is currently conducting capacity building trainings with university students, as well as, the vulnerable, literate and illiterate youth. Every day a boy/ girl is becoming sensitized, empowered and capacitated to address the issues of Violent Extremism through PAIMAN’s training.

PAIMAN’s capacity building trainings on preventing violent extremism are innovative in its approach and unique in its methodology. It helps to develop critical thinking of youth, educate and equip them with the knowledge to understand the impact of violent extremism, its indicators, alternate narrative to extremist narratives, community leadership for building social cohesion. 

The overarching aim of these trainings is to empower the youth and to equip the youth with the necessary skills and knowledge to address the issue of violent extremism in their wider communities. The training helps them to understand the world around them, to build self-esteem and confidence and to take a sense of identity from common purpose and belonging and become active citizens with a positive attitude. By working collectively through the platform of TOLANA- PAIMAN’s existent Youth Peace Group, the youth will be provided with a platform to conduct community sessions to create awareness, formulate Action Plans and hold peacebuilding dialogues with their respective district authorities.

Educated Youth Training

Vulnerable Youth Training