A series of 8 Advance Level Trainings for   the members of TOLANA from 5 Districts/Agencies were successfully completed by PAIMAN Alumni Trust at PAIMAN House Islamabad. The trainings commenced in September 2014 and ended in December 2014. At each of the 8 training sessions 20 to 25 TOLANA members capacity was further built in peace building, community policing, security mapping, early warning and early response mechanism, Local Peace Committees, networking, advocacy etc. Overall 173 TOLANA members were training during these 8 training sessions.

The Advance Level Training was designed for those TOLANA members who had performed well during field assignments and had shown committed effort in the past. The participants enthusiastically participated in these training sessions and were give ample opportunities to share their views and experiences regarding conflict and peace building activities. Furthermore, participants were also taken to Murree for an outdoor education trip where they keenly participated in leadership, voluntarism and team building activities.

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