Crisis and Disaster Management

PAIMAN responds to crisis and disasters in terms of relief and rescue operations, rehabilitation, capacity building and awareness raising. We respond and motivate communities to minimize the losses at the time of a disaster and crisis through most efficient utilization of communities’ resources and capacities. So far, PAIMAN has intervened for a rapid response and rehabilitation solution in more than twenty communities in KP and sindh with multi donor support.

PAIMAN has implemented early recovery project in the context of community restoration by repair of small bridges, roads, culverts, restoration of water channels, provision of shelter, NFIs, food items during disasters and IDPs conflicts with support of ERF, IOM, UNOCHA, UNWFP, Response International etc.

  • Repair of critical small bridges, roads/pathways, culverts and restoration of water channels in Thatta: PAIMAN has implemented a early recovery of 40,000 flood affectees of 5 targets UCs in Thatta District through community restoration by repair of critical small bridges, roads/pathways, culverts and restoration of water channels with the support of Emergency Response Fund (ERF).
  • Shelter Initiative for Flood Affectees 2010 with IOM Shelter: PAIMAN has implemented a shelter provision project in District Thatta for the relief and early recovery shelter support for most vulnerable 1,050 flood affected vulnerable community members, funded by IOM Shelter.
  • Distribution of Shelters and NFI Kits: PAIMAN provided an assistance in the form of 1,200 Shelter Kits and 1,200 NFI Kits to the 1,200 flood affected families of district Tando Allahyar and Banazirabad (Nawabshah) in Sindh with the support of ERF-UN OCHA.
  • Food Assistance to 10,000 Flood Affected Families of District Thatta: PAIMAN provided food assistance support to 10,000 flood affected families in the form of Food Items with the supportof UN World Food Program in District Thatta.
  • Food Assistance to 2,600 Flood Affected Camps in District Thatta: PAIMAN provided support in various forms of food items to 2,600 flood affected families in Camps of District Thatta with the support of UN-World Food Program.
  • Food Assistance to 2,500 Flood Affectees of District Thatta & Hyderabad: PAIMAN provided support in various forms of Food Items to 2,500 flood affected families of Hyderabad and Thatta Districts with the support of UN-OCHA.
  • Distribution of 800 NFI Winterization Kits: PAIMAN provided support in the form of 800 NFI Winterization Kits to flood affected households of Tehsil Pattan, District Kohistan with the support of Malteser International.
  • PAIMAN’s Shelter Initiative for Flood Affectees 2010: PAIMAN has initiated a pilot project of seventeen (17) properly constructed houses (consisting one room with attached bathroom) for the flood affectees of Charsadda. This pilot project is solely PAIMAN’s initiative and no financial & technical assistance has been taken from any other organization for the implementation and completion of the project.
  • PAIMAN’s Self Help IDPs Camp at Sheikh Maltoon, Mardan: PAIMAN established its exclusive camp for IDPs at Sheikh Maltoon, district Mardan. It hosted Over 100 families (630 IDPs) in the camp and some 330 families (2,200 IDPs) in the host communities including four schools in Mardan and two in Charsadda. PAIMAN provided trainings on driving skills and made full efforts to meet the needs of IDPs in the camps. PAIMAN also conducted awareness sessions with families on hygiene and health, education, peace building / tolerance and cleanliness etc. Additionally PAIMAN took initiative and established following volunteer committees of IDPs;
    • Conflict Resolution Committee
    • Food Committee
    • Store Committee
    • Health and Education Committee
    • Logistic Committee
    • Security and Volunteer’s Committee
  • Support for Host Communities: PAIMAN installed 400 bathrooms distributed 1,000 Hygiene Kits and provided Support in various forms of Food and Non-Food Items to the IDP camps in schools and host communities.
    PAIMAN along with philanthropist support looked after 4,240 IDPs in school-based camps in Peshawar, Charsadda, and Mardan Districts including host communities of Swabi.
  • PAIMAN’s Relief Operation in Flood Affected Areas (2010): Supported emergency relief operations during the recent floods in Pakistan 2010 for the rehabilitation and reconstruction at community level (Rajanpur, Peshawar, Charsadda, Thatta, Swat and Hyderabad). PAIMAN contribution in the form of Cash and Kind worth of Rs. 3,842,500 to over 1000 flood effected families.

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