Economic Empowerment

PAIMAN believes that socioeconomic Empowerment is the enhancement of the strength of individuals and communities. The target group comprises of marginalized communities who do not have access to opportunities for becoming self-sufficient and have no other option but to depend on charity or welfare. PAIMAN is providing opportunities to these marginalized people to get socio-economic empowerment through capacity building. JAWANDOON was a successful initiative of PAIMAN in which around 436 women have been trained in various livelihood skills along with business development plans, self-help group development, and knowledge of micro-credit, etc. These underprivileged women were given access to the market through PAIMAN`s Jwandoon.

Socio-economic empowerment of women is PAIMAN’s flagship program in which women are given livelihood skills along with life skills and skills in community-level peacebuilding to become not only the earning members of their families but also play a significant role in social cohesion and building peace within their household and community. As contributors to family income, we learned that women gain confidence and strength to combat any type of violent extremism amidst them. PAIMAN has established institutes for skill building and livelihood (income generation) opportunities for marginalized communities especially women by the name of JWANDOON at Charsadda and Swat. Women are being trained in-home bakery, stitching, embroidery, gift box making, kitchen gardening, poultry, carpentry, etc. Through this initiative, PAIMAN provided support to more than 1,400 women from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa who got training on various skills which proved very beneficial for them.

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