Peace Education

PAIMAN’s innovative Peace Education model was implemented in Madrassa and private elites schools to enhance their understanding  regarding conflict, peace, impact of violent extremism and ways of addressing it in the conflict prone with focus on conflict affected city of Peshawar, Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. The usual stereotype thinking against each other was addressed through interactions and increased communication between the students of madrassas and schools. The project not only aided in capacity building of Madrassa and school teachers but also helped foster greater understanding between two groups who were distant apart and look down upon each other. The students of both institutes were engaged in healthy and creative activities where they learn and act together for building social cohesion.

Peace Education & Awareness Raising Regarding Importance of Human Rights Protection Inter-faith and Inter-communal Understanding: 

The project aimed to help build the capacity of teachers of Maddrassas and schools on various aspects of conflict, peace, interfaith harmony which helped develop an environment of tolerance and accommodation through Peace Education & awareness rising regarding importance of Human Rights protection, inter-faith & inter-communal understanding in selected schools and Madrassa in Peshawar.

PAIMAN has collaborated with Qadeems Lumiere School Peshawar to design curriculum in the areas of peace education and is using this curriculum since 2011 in  three educational institutions and two madrassas of Peshawar. Under this program, students of schools and Madrassas are given an orientation in various aspects of conflict transformation, peace building, human rights, tolerance, interfaith dialogue and networking and they network, work together in their communities. 

PAIMAN has been carrying out advocacy with education authorities and policymakers to include peace education in the curriculum of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa.

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