Cultural Exchange Program:
World Learning implemented the English Access Micro-scholarship Program for students and teachers, in collaboration with PAIMAN Alumni Trust in Pakistan. This international educational and cultural exchange program was highly interactive, action oriented and engaging. It was designed to balance appropriate challenge and support so that participants could develop new ways to foster youth leadership skills and emphasize on collaboration and teamwork. PAIMAN provided logistical and programmatic support for 25 students and 25 teachers for a three (3) week US cultural exchange program.
Mine Risk Education Project (Swat):
PAIMAN Alumni Trust as partner with Response International conducted an emergency mine risk education project to raise awareness of the Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) and avoid unnecessary incidents due to inappropriate responses and misguided strategies.
Mother and Child Health Care Project:
PAIMAN has also implemented M&CH project in partnership with Plan Pakistan in Chakwal District. The aim of the Mother & Child Health Care program wais to improve the health status of mother and children through community participation. The Mother and Child Health Program was based on Child Centered Community Development (CCCD). Under M&CH the following areas were focused upon.

  • Strengthening of Health and Environment Committees (HECs) and UCHCs, conducting district forums on Mother and Child Health, improving health facilities through HEC monitoring and advocacy.
  • Community awareness and advocacy sessions regarding health issues and preventive measures etc.
  • Integration with National Program of Health, Health Department, and non-governmental organizations working on health issues.
  • Integration with partner organizations and communities.
  • Improve the sanitation, health and environmental services through establishing the role of all stakeholders including duty bearers.

Micronutrients Initiative (MI):
PAIMAN implemented an initiative of Micronutrients with the support of Micronutrient Initiative (India). PAIMANs role had been to manage training and capacity building component effectively with efficient use of resources. PAIMAN successfully conducted 194 events of nine different activities in which 7,268 individuals participated. The purpose of these activities was to ensure the increase of use of iodized salt. This objective was to be achieved through capacity building of the relevant government staff.
Improved Child Health Project – FATA:
In 2008 PAIMAN launched a USAID funded project in partnership with Save the Children-US in 3 agencies of FATA namely Bajaur, Khyber and Mohmand and two Frontier regions i.e. Kohat and Peshawar on ‘Improved Child Health’. The project aimed to improve the health of children particularly and the community in general in FATA based on Mobilization and awareness by primarily focusing on improvement in health services, access to health facilities and functioning of health facilities.
Primary Health Care (HC) Project:
PAIMAN also implemented a HC project in partnership with PLAN Pakistan in Chakwal District based on Child Centered Community Development approach. The aim of the program was to improve the health status of the people of Chakwal especially mothers and children through community participation.
In 2004, PAIMAN designed a study to determine risk behaviors and prevalence of STIs of female commercial sex workers (FCSWs) in Faisalabad, Rajanpur, Dera Gazi Khan, Thatta and Hyderabad. After the findings and analysis PAIMAN carried out orientation with the In-charge of the female sex workers (FSWs) regarding the safe sex ways, use of condoms and screening started from time to time in 2004-2005 till to date.
PAIMAN has also carried out orientation regarding safe sex ways from time to time in different prisons of the country including some 434 prisoners in Hyderabad, Dera Ghazi khan, Rajan Pur and Thatta in 2006-2008.
Incentive Based Life Skills and Literacy Project (FDP-LD FATA): PAIMAN successfully completed a USAID-IRC funded ‘Incentive Based Life Skills and Literacy Project’ in Lower FATA in Dera Ismail Khan in partnership with IRC/FDP-LD. The project was aimed to improve the literacy status of youth (14-30 years) for livelihood skills. The project was implemented with an effective M&E mechanism.
Livelihood Development Program-Upper FATA-LDP (Literacy Project – Mohmand Agency):
PAIMAN Alumni Trust in partnership with SCF-US/AED implemented a USAID funded project on Livelihood Development, in Mohmand Agency. Under this programme, 3,420 youth benefited of which 2,725were male and 695 were female youth learners (between the ages of 15-45 years) who had never gone to school or had dropped out in early primary grades (prep to grade 5). Over 150 persons benefit (job employment) as facilitators and staff for the said phase.
Education Sector Reform Assistance Program (ESRA):
This project was implemented in five districts (which were declared as flood affected districts). PAIMAN trained 8,000 members of 5,000 schools / School Management Committees (SMC) on core competencies, financial management, resource mobilization & school improvement plans. PAIMAN conducted mobilization session for over 5,000 government schools and assisted in re-construction of over 4,000 schools by imparting training to 8,000 SMC members for improving quality of education.