ANOTHER MILESTONE ACCOMPLISHED [ 11TH Batch of Capacity Building, life skills and livelihood Training of Vulnerable Youth ]

PAIMAN Alumni Trust accomplishes another milestone! With the completion of its 11th batch Capacity Building and Livelihood Skill Training, PAIMAN has achieved the target of sensitizing 312 vulnerable youth who were potentially exposed to extremism. The vulnerable youth are those young men who are a product of have and have-nots milieu. They are subjected to an environment where they lack opportunities to grow educationally and economically and thus can easily be manipulated by the extremist groups to join their ranks. At PAIMAN these young men were taken through a step by step process of deradicalization, which included psycho social counseling, life skills training and capacity building for livelihood skills. After being equipped with tools for sustenance, these boys were linked to employment or income generation support programmes.  The 11th batch training was held at PAIMAN house from 6th September to the 12th of September 2015.

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