On October 26, 2015, a strong earth quake hit Pakistan. It was a terrible experience for the locals of Bajaur and Mohmand agencies as they had never experienced such a catastrophe before.

According to reports 25 people were killed and 145 were injured in different parts/tehsils of Bajaur agency while 5 deaths and 14 injured were reported in Mohmand Agency. Beside human losses, local people suffered material losses because a large number of houses were totally or partially damaged. Soon after this natural calamity respective agency administrations and other relief organizations started their relief activities to help the affected in this hour of need.

WFP assistance was also extended to the affectees in collaboration with PRCS (Pakistan Red Crescent society). Food was distributed in different parts of the agency as initial relief for the affectees in different areas of the agency. PAIMAN monitors identified the immediate needs and also monitored the distribution of food items, medicines, warm clothing and blankets.

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