District Dialogue Forums in Bajaur Agency

In its effort to build peace with tolerant attitudes for all segments of society, PAIMAN organized a District Dialogue Forum in Bajaur Agency. In spite of the intense security situation, PAIMAN was successful in gathering the community to hold a Dialogue forum to discuss the need for peaceful coexistence and social cohesion.
The highlights of the day were to sensitize the community on burning issues such as reconciliation, reintegration and the role of civic society to address these issues. On this occasion PAIMAN facilitators encouraged the TOLANA (PAIMANs volunteer peace group) to coordinate and network with government officials to work collectively for building peace in the region.
A Charter of Tolerance was developed and signed with the unanimous consent of the community. The highlights of the Charter are: the community took ownership for ensuring peace in their area. They pledged to act as early warners and work hand in hand with government departments in addressing the menace of extremism through the already planned mechanism between PAIMAN Trust and the government departments.
In order to appreciate and encourage the TOLANA members for successful completion of the field assignments regarding community peacebuilding, certificates were also distributed among them after the signing of the Charter of Tolerance.

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