PAIMAN prepares vulnerable youth as agents of change

In continuation of a series of trainings, the eleventh and final batch of students was invited from educational institutes of Peshawar for a four days training workshop on Youth Civic Engagement through Leadership, Peace Building and Conflict Transformation. The prime objective of the whole initiative has been to build a pool of male and female youth peace activists by developing their skills and competencies in building peace and social cohesion. 47These youth groups are called TOLANA and are tasked to take on the responsibility of mobilizing and strengthening local communities’ especially male and female youth and other community members in social cohesion. During the trainings they are trained and further expected to carry out activities such as opening
dialogues on issues prevailing in their communities. Moreover these youths will also sensitize their communities on the prevailing conflict situation in KPK and mobilize them to play a responsible role in conflict transformation. Through these efforts PAIMAN aspires to create a healthy atmosphere with tolerant attitudes, brotherhood and social cohesion. Under its ‘Youth Civic Engagement through Leadership, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation’ project, PAIMAN has successfully trained precisely 305 youths as peace practitioners who will be agents of change in their communities.

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